Welcome to crftgrl

Welcome! Thanks for joining me on my craft journey. I look forward to sharing many DIY projects, organization tips, decoration ideas, and general craftiness!

This isn’t a blog about perfection—look elsewhere if you seek knowledge on the scale of Martha! This blog will be dedicated to sharing my experiences of what does and does not work. Laugh with me at tragic fails and help celebrate what I get right.

I have been paper-crafting for about five years, but not seriously until March of 2013. My original craft roots come from a unique regional tradition. At the age of fourteen, I moved to Houston, Texas. The thing to know about going to school in Texas is, we really love our Homecomings, and to celebrate our great event we wear Mums. These aren’t just pinned flowers; they are elaborate works of art that more often than not need to be worn around the neck because of their weight.

You wear them from chest to ankle. It starts as a cardboard base upon which about 20lbs of ribbon, in the given schools colors, is stapled, and, hot glued. On top of the ribbon, you add bells, cowbells, plastic icons showing the activities you are in, school grade, hobbies, your name and your date’s name. The options really are endless.

Just in case you think that I am suffering from a case of heat stroke or have inhaled far too many glue fumes, and this just couldn’t possibly be real, I have attached a picture for proof.

As a Texan, you have two choices: learn to make them or spend hundreds to buy them.

So there you have it. My dirty secret. My craft roots started by making giant beribboned flowers topped with a stuffed animal, and I loved every minute of it!