Welcome! Thanks for joining me on my craft journey. I look forward to sharing many DIY projects, organization tips, decoration ideas, and general craftiness!

This isn’t a blog about perfection—look elsewhere if you seek knowledge on the scale of Martha! This blog will be dedicated to sharing my experiences of what does and does not work. Laugh with me at tragic fails and help celebrate what I get right.

Although I am from a small town outside of Seattle, WA, I have lived in a few interesting places, which is one of the joys of being an Army Brat! I have been in Houston for nearly twenty of my thirty-three years. I do love where I’m from and where I’ve been, but I don’t think I would trade the experience of living in Texas for anything.

I am an office worker by day and crafter by night. I have been married for eight years and have no children of my own, but I do have three mischievous cats and an even more mischievous spouse.

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